Issues and Endorsements

Dear Neighbors,

I’m Ed O’Connell, and I’m running to be Marshfield and Scituate’s next State Representative.

The 4th Plymouth District is a wonderful place to live, full of classic New England sea-side charm. My family and I have proudly called Marshfield ‘home’ for 25 years.

As your next State Representative, I’ll work hard on priorities like infrastructure maintenance, public safety, and education, which will help to maintain the integrity of our community. I’ll also be fiscally responsible and protect taxpayers on Beacon Hill.

Please read on to find out more about where I stand and what I intend to do as your next State Representative, as well as some of the things other people are saying about my campaign.

If you support my candidacy, I would be honored to earn your vote on November 6. Thank you for your consideration.


Ed O’Connell




As your next State Representative, I am ready to get down to business on ‘Day One’ and work collaboratively with other state leaders to get the job done for Marshfield and Scituate.

"Ed O'Connell is well-qualified to serve as Marshfield and Scituate's next state Representative. He will bring a lengthy record of public service and private sector experience to the job, including more than eight years serving as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Plymouth County. Residents can trust that he will work hard, listen to their concerns, and take action when needed. Personally, I know Ed will promote a government that is fiscally-responsible, accountable, and that everyone can be proud of. I am happy to endorse Ed O'Connell for State Representative in the 4th Plymouth District."

- Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker


I believe the most important job of an elected official is to be honest, accessible, and accountable to the people he or she represents. As your next State Representative, I promise to represent you with integrity and to always be someone to listen to your concerns, treat you fairly, and work hard on your behalf.

I have known Ed O’Connell for almost 30 years. He’s honest, trustworthy, and he’s a man of his word,” said Malone. “Ed is also someone who I have always been able to count on. When Ed says he’ll do something, he follows through and he does it. I think that’s an important quality for someone who is elected to public office. As a resident of Scituate, I know Ed will bring the same skills to the job if he’s elected to be our next State Representative.
- Joe Malone, Scituate Resident and Former State Treasurer


Fixing and maintaining our infrastructure should be one of the top priorities for our next State Representative.

Statewide, road and bridge maintenance gets the most attention. I support efforts to address these infrastructure needs so people have a safe and effective way to commute to work or school, or to engage in commerce. But, as residents of the 4th Plymouth District, we have some additional infrastructure needs that I want to help address.

In Marshfield, the top priority for many is seawall replacement and construction. As someone who has seen first-hand the effects of harsh winter weather, I want to do everything I can to advocate for a strong seawall. We can never protect ourselves completely from Mother Nature, but residents deserve to live free of constant fear of flooding.

Meanwhile, Scituate residents are still dealing with “brown water” from their faucets. I find that unacceptable, and if elected I will use the power of my office to bring whatever resources are needed to fix this problem as soon as possible. Nobody should be expected to cook meals and bathe their kids using water that is below acceptable quality.

Ed O’Connell has committed to making local infrastructure a priority in his campaign. He recently attended the town meeting to discuss “brown water” issues here in Scituate. I appreciate him taking the time to show his concern for this issue. He was there to listen attentively to our concerns and to educate himself on ways that he might be able to help when elected. That’s exactly the type of person I want to be our next State Representative.
- Laurie Withrow, Scituate resident


I have more than three decades of experience in the public- and private-sectors. I know what it’s like to manage big budgets and to make tough financial decisions. And, as someone who has volunteered on the local level, I also know that the decisions our leaders make on Beacon Hill have important consequences for town budgets.

As a State Representative, I will use my experience to look closely at the financial options for our state and make smart budget decisions. I’ll always keep the best interests of taxpayers in mind and I will fight to protect your money from waste, fraud, and abusive spending.

I also will advocate for more local aid for cities and towns, which is important to support local budgets and fund priorities like education, public safety, and maintenance, in addition to other critical municipal services.

As someone who has worked in both the private and public sectors for a number of years, Ed has the background, experience, and skills needed to represent the interests of Marshfield and Scituate at the Statehouse. He’ll be a strong leader and a fiscal watchdog. In particular, I believe Ed’s financial management experience will help him protect taxpayers and make smart decisions about the state budget.
- Massachusetts State Senator Viriato “Vinny” deMacedo


For the past eight years, I have proudly served as a Plymouth County Reserve Deputy Sheriff. I have experience working with others in law enforcement to provide relief after violent winter storms and to train for catastrophes like active shooter scenarios.

As your next State Representative, I’ll make public safety a priority. I’ll fight to end the scourge of opioid abuse, which is killing far too many South Shore residents and hurting too many families. I’ll also support local law enforcement and first responders. And, I’ll promote safety not just in our neighborhoods, but also in our schools.

Residents of Marshfield and Scituate deserve to know they will have someone working every day to make their community safer and to protect them and their children from harm.

"As a Sheriff, I know how important it is for all elected officials to support public safety and law enforcement at the local level. Ed O'Connell is someone that Marshfield and Scituate residents can trust to work hard to keep their communities safe. I know Ed from his work as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, and I know he can get the job done. We need him on Beacon Hill to assist with the fight against opioid abuse and to keep our streets and schools safe. There is no better person for the job. I endorse Ed O'Connell for State Representative."
- Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald

"Law enforcement professionals face challenges every day. Alongside the Sheriff, in my role as a District Attorney, one of the things we run into here in Massachusetts is that some of our laws aren’t working because they are antiquated and need to be changed. We get them changed by putting good people on Beacon Hill, who are going to work with us with the correct information and making a difference for us to do our job to keep people safe. I can’t think of anybody better to be on Beacon Hill than my friend, Ed O’Connell."
- Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz

Ed O’Connell has extensive private and public sector experience. He has been an outstanding Deputy Sheriff, that countless law enforcement officers from all branches of law enforcement local, state, and federal can all attest to.
- Plymouth County Police Officers Association

Not many people know that Ed O’Connell, who is running to be the next State Representative for Marshfield and Scituate, also has worked for more than eight years as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for Plymouth County. Given his experience, I know he will work hard to support public safety, law enforcement and first responders – and that means a lot to me. I also appreciate his focus on school safety and the need to fight opioid abuse in our area. I am voting for Ed O’Connell on November 6th to help keep our streets safe.
- Steve Flynn, Marshfield Resident


I’m a parent of two wonderful daughters. They’re grown up, having graduated from good colleges, and now they’re off pursuing budding careers. My wife and I are proud of them, and we trust that the quality education they received in the Marshfield Public Schools when they were young prepared them well for whatever lies ahead of them as adults.

I’ll always support quality public education, and I will work hard to fight for the funding necessary to support our schools. I also will push for reform to bring greater equity to formulas for Chapter 70 aid and special education funding. Let’s give our teachers and students every resource they need to excel. I want every child in Marshfield and Scituate to enjoy the same opportunities that my daughters had growing up.

"I am convinced that Ed O’Connell is the best candidate to represent Marshfield and Scituate in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and that he is the most qualified candidate to advocate for the best interests of public schools, teachers, and students in this district. I am proud to endorse Ed O’Connell for State Representative.... Ed O’Connell will make public education a top priority."
- Richard Greer, Marshfield -- Chair, Marshfield School Committee (1)

"I believe that Ed, who holds a graduate degree in business administration, will make education a top priority. He and his wife raised their two daughters here; both were educated in the Marshfield Public Schools. Ed has been a member of the school councils of Governor Winslow Elementary and Furnace Brook Middle School, and served on the Marshfield/Scituate Educational Advisory Council. He knows the value of a good education and understands the issues facing today’s educators and administrators. He will fight fervently for increased funding to support teachers and students in the public school system. To ensure the security of all our students, he will push for more mental health professionals and a school resource officer in every building, and plans to work with police and fire chiefs in both towns to devise and implement improved safety protocols."
- Joyce Kinsman, Marshfield


Working families depend on quality employment opportunities to support their needs. That starts with having quality infrastructure and public education systems to grow the economy. But, we need to do more, especially when it comes to supporting the growth and prosperity of small businesses.

Small businesses are an important part of our local economy and they employ many Marshfield and Scituate residents. We need small businesses to succeed if we expect our economy to thrive. If elected, I look forward to working hard to promote the interests of small business owners and employees in Massachusetts. That includes our local fishermen, who are an important part of our local economy and who need someone to work together with federal officials to protect their vital interests.

Thank you for standing with us on important issues... and for indicating your support and understanding of the needs of thousands of Main Street small businesses and the more than one million workers at small businesses in Massachusetts.
- Christopher Carlozzi, State Director of NFIB Massachusetts (2)


As your next State Representative, I will never forget the special concerns of certain populations in our district. For example, I will keep seniors and their needs close in mind. I’ll work hard to keep taxes low for those in fixed incomes, and to look for more ways that seniors can stay in their homes longer - safely, affordably, and with necessary resources. I will also fight hard to support our veterans with the services they need, honoring the commitment and sacrifice they made to keep our nation strong.

"I endorse Ed O'Connell to be Marshfield and Scituate's next state Representative because I know he has what it takes to get the job done. He will work hard with local officials and residents of the district whenever there is a need or a local project that needs attention. He also will place a priority on important issues like caring for our seniors and veterans, promoting quality education, and making our state affordable for working families and small business owners. I am proud to endorse Ed O'Connell for State Representative in the 4th Plymouth District."
- Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito


(1) Mr. Greer's endorsement is not intended to imply an endorsement by the Marshfield School Committee or its other individual members.

(2) Endorsement by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) MA PAC, dated September 10, 2018.